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Water Heating & Filtration Packages

Our plumbing packages are a total whole house solution to water heating and water filtration . This is a complete upgrade to your home and healthy lifestyle, our package include the  Navien 240s  series tank-less water heater. The Flow Tech whole house anti scale system that neutralizes calcium and magnesium from hard water. The Pro Systems whole house carbon filter removes chemicals and sediment from your water leaving you with healthy safe drinking water.


  Package #1

Pricing starting at $10.000 

  • Navien 240s tank-less heater
  • Pro Series whole house carbon filter
  • Flow Tech Home anti scale unit
  • 10 year in home warranty 


 Prices starting at $6500

  • Bradford White water heater up to 50 gallon
  • Flow Tech home anti scale system
  • Pro Tech whole house carbon filter
  • 6 year in home warranty


Prices starting at $4200

  • Bradford White water heater up to 50 gallon
  • Flow Tech Home anti scale system
  • 4 year in home warranty


Prices starting at $4000 

  • Bradford White water heater up to 50 gallons
  • Pro Systems whole house carbon filter
  • 4 year in home warranty


Navien – 240S

Tanless gas water heater

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NPE-S series

Max Input : 150,000 – 199,900 BTU/H
Indoor/Outdoor Installation

  • ½” gas pipe capable up to 24’
  • Field convertible gas system
  • Ultra condensing efficiency .99EF
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Low NOx emissions (≤20ppm)
  • SCH 40, 2” venting up to 60’
  • Cascading capable
  • Small and compact
  • Installed on a wall
  • Not built to be “disposable” like conventional hot water tanks
  • Can provide an unlimited supply of hot water to a home
  • Use highly efficient heat exchangers to instantly heat your hot water
  • Only run when you need them to
  • Tankless water heaters make hot water more affordable


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• Saves money            
• Does not use salt or chemicals   
• Protects appliances and fixtures      
• Removes existing scale build-up
• Increases energy efficiency
• No maintenance required
• Saves space          
• Environmentally friendly and healthy
• 3 year warranty            
• No drain or wasted water 

Pro-Series Whole House Water Filter  

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Clean, odor free, delicious water throughout the whole house

  • Constant supply of delicious water throughout the whole house
  • Removes bad taste and odor by removing chlorine, chloramines, carbon based organic compounds (VOC’s) such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents that are in tap water
  • Enhances the flavor of food
  • Healthier skin by eliminating chlorine from your baths
  • Reduce water problems and unsightly stains throughout your home by using a premium carbon filter, good for 8-10 years
  • Extended life of your fixtures, faucets, and pipes by eliminating chemicals in your water
  • Save both money and time by not buying bottled water
  • Help save the earth


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Bradford White water heaters

These units are among the most trusted brands in the market today designed with revolutionary technology to deliver enhanced performance and safety at unmatched cost. Also they are available in a variety of options