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Under Slab Plumbing Leak Repair

Plumb Right Plumbing has been providing quality, under slab plumbing leak detection and repair services in Houston and surrounding areas since 1995. From tunneling and trenching to camera inspections, isolation testing, leak detection and drain replacement, we’ve done it all. Many times, drainage problems are discovered when a home is being inspected prior to a sale. As such, a sampling of our clients includes: Re-max, Pet Smart, Better Homes and Gardens, and Gary Greene Real Estate. These professionals are among the best at what they do, but when it comes time to solve their sewer and drain problems, they call us.

Whether the inspector found some problem, with your under slab drainage system, or you had the misfortune of finding them yourself when your drains stopped draining, we stand ready to help you bring your home’s drainage back up to spec and beyond.

If you’ve never heard of us before, we encourage you to verify our record with the BBB, where we were recently awarded top honors in 2012-2014-2015 and a Best Pick Report company for 2014. Plumb Right Plumbing is registered with the city of Houston and licensed by the Texas state board of plumbing examiners Master Plumber License #39107.

Sewer and drain problems can be ugly, especially if they’re not fixed right the first time. Rather than searching for the cheapest contractor who uses sub standard repair methods, give us a call at the number above or click here to request service. We will get your drains working right as they should the first time!

Here’s a snapshot of the services we provideIf you don’t see your problem here, don’t despair – we’ve got you covered. Just run it by us, and we’ll give you straight forward advice about your plumbing project.
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Drain Leaks Under Slab Of Your Home & Hydrostatic Testing Line

If you’re experiencing foundation problems or are undergoing foundation work on your home, we can use hydrostatic testing to determine whether the sewer drain under your slab is damaged and leaking.

What is a Hydrostatic test? This process is usually simple enough. Read the description below.

First, we locate the sewer clean-out. Once this is located, we take a test ball and plug the line coming out of the house. Then, a toilet is usually pulled from the floor so we can get a visual of the drain opening. Next, water is induced into the drain until the water level is at the same level as the slab. If the water level drops, then we know there is a leak under the slab. Depending on the exact location of the leak and its severity, we have a number of remedies at our disposal.

 Sewer Camera Inspection And Isolation Leak Detection Test

Plumbing cameras allow our specialist to see where problem areas may be lurking and isolate any leaking drains. They also have special transmitters that allow drain lines to be located with a locator wand. Once testing is complete, we’ll have enough information to make a diagram of your drainage system. Then, we can show you first hand where the problems are and give you an accurate estimate for fixing them.

Sub-Foundation Tunneling

Broken drain lines under homes can cause foundation damage among other serious problems. To access the affected area, tunnels need to be dug under your home. This requires proper planning and lots of manpower because all work is done by hand with no machines. Before any digging is done, utility lines must be located to prevent their disruption. Tunneling under foundations and replacing plumbing under the slab – and doing so safely and affordably — is what we do best – it is our specialty . Often when replacing plumbing, its necessary to reroute drain lines to minimize costly or large tunnels that could damage your homes foundation. However, it is important to balance the need to cut costs with the need to get it right the first time.

Cast Iron Drain Piping 

If your house was built prior to 1973, there is a good chance you have cast iron drains. Though they may have lasted 50 years, they will eventually rust out and leak under your home. When this does happen, replacing them is a big, tough job, that requires lots of man power and careful planing .

The sad fact is, over the years we have seen many substandard repair methods. The most common shortcut or substandard repair among plumbing companies is to not replace the cast iron vertical pipes and fittings. This is the part of your drainage system that connects your above ground vertical plumbing drains in your home to the  lateral plumbing drains under the slab of your home. These fittings and pipes are connection points for toilets, sinks and tubs and this is where new PVC pipes can be attached to the old cast iron fittings and pipes with a rubber sleeve that is banded together with a steel band. The problem with this repair method is that over time the ground will shift and settling will occur and frequently the rubber gasket will pull apart disconnecting the cast iron from the newer PVC pipes. As you can imagine, when this fails – and it will – cleaning up the mess and doing the job right can cost the homeowner much more.

The reality is that replacing the plumbing from below the slab to above the slab is a much harder job. It requires exposing the connection point where the vertical and lateral drains meet  in the walls and this requires cutting sheet rock, pulling toilets and chipping cement to get the old pipes out and the new pipes above the slab. When getting estimates, be sure to ask if the new plumbing will be replaced through the slab, leaving little risk of  leaking pipes in the same area in the near future.

Plumb Right: Your Houston And Cypress Drainage Experts

At Plumb Right, we’re known for our outstanding trenching and tunneling projects. These are big serious jobs, so with this type of repair, it’s best not to trust just anyone or to jump at the lowest price. At the same time, a higher price isn’t necessarily reflected in the quality of work. We have seen customers pay tens of thousands of dollars for new sewer lines only to receive shoddy workmanship.

Therefore, it is imperative that you are as sure as you can be that the plumber and company you pick performs quality under slab plumbing leak repair work. The best way to do this is to ask plenty of questions, such as:

  • Are you getting a city permit?
  • Are your excavators diggers insured?
  • Will utility lines be located before digging begins ?
  • What is your warranty on repairs?
  • Will there be any post testing after repairs are made to insure quality?
  • Will I receive an engineer’s back fill letter for under-home tunneling repairs?
  • Will photos be taken of the repair?

These questions can help ensure you end up with a reliable plumber who does quality work and won’t leave you out in the cold with broken pipes that can cause serious problems down the road.

Or, you can just call us. We have been offering plumbing services since 1995, so we will be very clear with you about the differences between quality and sub-standard plumbing work. In our case, repetition breeds quality workmanship. When you put us on the job, you can rest assured that the plumbers who show up won’t be looking to cut corners; they’ll do their best to leave you with a drainage system that will be trouble free for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it!  Request Service Now


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