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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Plumb Right Plumbing Guarantees Your Satisfaction 100%

Plumb Right plumbing provides quality residential plumbing service to a broad base of clients in the greater Houston area. We meet several challenges in order to provide superior customer service. Our staff must offer quick, convenient courteous scheduling. We supply trucks ,gas ,uniforms,parts, tools and professional plumbers. Also we research and order quality products, stock parts, maintain and upgrade our advanced equipment and customer data bases, We also do follow-ups with our clients after completed jobs to make sure they were 100% satisfied with our service. Having plumbing problems can be very stressful. Plumb Right Plumbing strives to make this less of a strain on our clients by being reliable, offering fair pricing, and providing quality workmanship.

Service & Repair Guarantee

1. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service: You’ll be delighted with the level of service.

2. Clean and Tidy: We’ll leave your home just as we found it. Our technicians are clean-cut, polite and responsible.

3. Respectful: We are respectful of your time and value your custom. We always look after our valued customers.

4. On-Time Every Time: For more convenient service we’ll be there when you need us. You won’t be left waiting.

5. Professional and well-trained. We are part of a nationwide network of industry-leading training.

6. Written Guarantee of Workmanship: You can rely on quality workmanship backed by a written guarantee.

7. Full Price in Advance: You know the full price before you decide if we proceed.

8. When you call us you are calling a local company that have been here for years and will be here for years to come.


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