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Residential Plumbing

Plumb Right Plumbing professionals are highly trained, licensed plumbers . When you call us to your home in Houston , Cypress and surrounding areas to fix a problem, we’ll arrive ready for any plumbing situation. Our trucks are stocked and ready to go giving our plumbers the resources they need to complete the job.When our plumber has located the problem, he will explain what the problem is, and what options are available for your particular plumbing issue . When you choose Plumb Right Plumbing for your plumbing needs you can be sure of professional service from a family-run business that takes care of your plumbing problems . The difference is plumbers who put care and attention into your needs, and a company that is always there to make sure the job is done right.

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Our Plumbing Services Include

  • Water Leak Repairs
  • Video Sewer Camera & Inspection
  • Water & Sewer Line Location
  • Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Whole House Pex Re-pipe
  • Back Flow & Water Arrestor
  • Drain Line Cleaning
  • Water Heaters Installed
  • Toilets Repaired
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Lines / Gas Test
  • Leaky Faucets & Fixtures
  • Toilets / Showers Installed
  • Washer Hoses Replaced
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Water Line Repairs

What We Do

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your plumbing systems in Cypress , Katy and Spring TX it is always best to enlist the services of Plumb Right Plumbing when there appears to be a plumbing problem. When people think of plumbers, they tend to think of professionals that repair drain problems. However our plumbers do much more than just repairing drain problems. They perform a wide range of services that keep your water, sewer and gas lines in top working order. To understand what our plumbers do, you have to understand what the term ‘plumber’ means. This term means a professional who is licensed to service the pipe systems that transport waste water, sewage, gas, and water to your home. A plumber is specialized to install and diagnose and repair these different pipe systems. Plumb Right’s plumbers are equipped with the right tools , knowledge, training, and education, to deal with these issues. Plumb Right Plumbing professional take a plumbing program, apprentice with qualified plumbers, and take a licensing exam with the state before they work on their own. We understand all of the work involved with plumbing repairs as well as the health and safety codes. Our Repair plumbers unclog pipes, repair pipe breaks and cracks, replace damaged and broken pipes, fix leaking faucets, and install water heaters. Anyone who has a home or a business understands the valuable service plumbers provide. Plumb Right professionals have the right tools, equipment, skills, qualifications, experience, and education to diagnose and repair a variety of plumbing problems. As well, they are an important part of the design and construction of homes and commercial buildings.


Who We Are

One of the cornerstones of Plumb Right Plumbing is that we give back to members of our community. Plumb Right Plumbing has adopted the Presbyterian Service Center, a low income Non Profit housing organization for the elderly and handicapped, to support by providing complete plumbing service and products at cost with no profit built in. We do not advertise our charity work, but rather help out because it is the right thing to do. In addition Plumb Right Plumbing has been awarded the BBB Award Of Excellence for 2012 and 2014 We are also part of a nationwide network of industry-leading training for plumbing professionals .


Going Green

Plumb Right Plumbing is leading the way for a greener planet by spending several hours each week in training courses from manufacturers for new products like tankless water heaters or Pex Piping systems. We are registered with the city of Houston and licensed by the state of Texas. We make it a priority to understand the ever-changing plumbing codes in order to better protect the safety of our clients and our community.Plumb Right Plumbing practices environmentally friendly advertising. This includes no phone book or any type of paper advertising so local clients will never see something hanging on your door or cluttering up mailboxes. We advertise on the internet and by referrals from satisfied customers for a job well done.

What To Expect From Plumb Right Plumbing

  1. Highly Trained Licensed Plumbers
  2. Background Checked & Drug-Free Screened
  3. Dressed Professional & Neat
  4. Respect & Honesty
  5. Insured For Your Protection
  6. BBB Award Winner 2012 – 2014 -2015
  7. Flat Rate Fees
  8. Licensed Master Plumber 39107
  9. No Over Time Charges
  10. Angies List
  11. Best Pick Report Company 2014
  12. Over 18 Years Experience