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Camera Inspection Really Pay off

camera inspection


Having your plumbing done properly ensures you save as much water and money as possible. Slow drips can waste about 3 gallons of water each month. By simply having your local plumber perform an inspection using a camera, you can be sure your system is in proper working order.

Most of a home’s plumbing system is out of sight, hidden behind walls, floors, ceilings, and underground. Even the priciest and best kept homes are susceptible to plumbing issues and unforeseen problems such as corrosion, blockages, broken lines and pipes, or breaks in lines and pipes from tree roots. Camera inspections allow plumbers to see into these hard to reach and out of sight areas and find the problem without unnecessarily damaging anything in your home or disrupting you, your family, or your home. This allows an experienced plumber to pinpoint the problem, waste no time, and minimize any troubles trouble getting faster fixes.

Small leaks can be costly too. On average, 1 drop per second adds up to about 1,000 gallons per year; 1,000 gallons per drop! If it’s a water line under you house leaking, that can compromise the structure integrity of your home & present huge expenses. Even a small leak can end up costing you thousands of dollars to repair. There are many things that may cause a leak, like collapsed pipes, blockages, corrosion, invasive tree roots, and breaks caused by shifting.

Fiber optic cameras can give professional plumbers an advantage to conduct a visual inspection and pinpoint exact locations of plumbing issues without having to employ costly and damaging practices. Without line cameras, plumbers often have to guesswork at the location of the problem and can’t give homeowners accurate estimates. This technology allows plumbers to produce more accurate quotes for repairs before they begin the dirty work.

Plumbing camera inspections can be a big part of a quality home inspection. They can assure potential home buyers that they are making a sound investment and are protected against costly plumbing repairs. This type of inspection also provides peace of mind knowing that you can live in your new home without being at risk for expenses so many others have had to incur. Having video images in real time on a screen right in front of you to examine is crucial to any professional in this industry. The video can even be saved so records can be kept for everyone’s knowledge and comfort.


Another amazing benefit to camera inspections is recovery of lost items, like earrings, wedding rings, or whatever inevitably slips down there. Being able to see what’s in the drain or pipe allows you licensed plumber to find out exactly where it is to retrieve it instead of guessing, taking everything apart, and hopefully getting lucky. Being able to get back those irreplaceable (or expensive) little trinkets back that could have been gone forever, is a priceless joy.  Camera inspection doesn’t just mean the inspection to buy or sell a home, but also to just inspect those potential disasters or get back slippery mementos.

Contact your local Master Plumber today for any plumbing issues you may be unsure about. Keep an eye out for seasonal special as well.

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