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If you’ve been searching among the plumbers in Houston, TX to find the most qualified, the most professional and the best reviewed, look no further; you’ve found them. Just ask around. At Plumb Right Plumbing, we’re known for our unmatched plumbing repair expertise, from water heater repair to slab leak detection and everything in between.

  • BBB -award winner 2012-2014-2015
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  • Best Pick Report -2014
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We’ve got a great crew with over 20 years’ experience in residential plumbing, and they’re ready and waiting to tackle even the most difficult job. Rest assured of a quality job done right the first time, guaranteed. And with over 20,000 customers served over the years in the Houston area, Plumb Right has lived up to its mission and will continue to do so for years to come. At Plumb Right, our relationship with you is our number-one priority. We want to be on your speed dial – to be the people you call whenever you have a plumbing question or problem, and we’ll work hard to continually earn your trust.


What We Can Do For You Today

At Plumb Right Plumbing we can handle just about any residential plumbing issue in Houston and surrounding towns. Before we get to work, we make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what it will cost. Plus, we put it all in writing, including a guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of the job we do so that in the unlikely event you have problems down the line, we can fix them at no cost to you. We’ll even check in with you to make sure you’re happy with our work. It’s the Plumb Right way. For a more complete list of plumbing services, check out the Residential Plumbing page. If your looking for the very best in water heating and water filtration our packages are a total whole house solution . This is a complete upgrade to your home and healthy lifestyle. View Package   

Fixture Repair, Replacement or Addition: There’s nothing more annoying than a leaky sink, tub or toilet – not to mention the fact that it wastes water and can lead to a higher water bill. We’re extremely adept at tracking down and plugging these leaks. Sometimes, however, a fixture is passed its prime and needs replacing. In these cases, we’ll be happy to recommend a quality product that should give you years of trouble-free use. Once you’ve decided on a product, we’ll install it with a minimum of fuss. The same is true if you’re adding a bathroom or building a house; we’ll be there to recommend a reliable product in your price range and install it for you on time and on budget.

Unclog The Works: Clogs happen as a matter of course. Sometimes, something goes down a pipe that really shouldn’t be there. Others, sediment builds up to the point that it disrupts the flow of water through a pipe. And we all know that all kinds of junk can end up going down the garbage disposal. No matter where the clog occurs, we’ve got the tools and skills to get things flowing as they should. Many times when you’ve got a clog, you need it to be fixed ASAP, and Plumb Right plumbers are available at a moment’s notice in Houston and surrounding suburbs. We’re your go-to plumber in Houston for clogged and broken drains .

Pipe Repair and Replacement: Sometimes pipes are physically damaged, and the only thing for it is for someone to get in there and repair or replace it, depending on the severity of the damage. First, we need to see the damage first hand. This involves running a tiny camera into the effected pipe, which gives us an up-close view of the problem. Then we’ll get together and determine whether a repair or replacement is the proper course. If your pipes are more than 30 years old, it may be a good idea to replace the piping throughout your entire house with longer-lasting pex piping repipe.

Houston Water Heater Repair and Replacement: In many ways, your water heater is the backbone of your house. If you’ve ever gone any length of time without hot water, you would no doubt agree. Such a critical component requires a highly skilled plumber to manage it. Should you have the problem repaired or replace the unit entirely? If you need to replace it, what’s the most effective, efficient hot water heater for your particular situation? Our plumbers will give you no-nonsense answers to these important questions, then perform quality workmanship that will last years. Water Heater Products 

Slab leak Detection and Repair: In the past, if you had a leak somewhere beneath your house, tracking it down could take days; not so with the latest technology deployed by Plumb Right. If you’re losing water pressure and can’t find the cause, or if you feel dampness under the bottom floor of your home, it’s time to call on us to have a look and see if you’ve got a leak in your drain line. We’ll ride to the rescue with advanced equipment that can quickly reveal any leaks you may have. The next step is plugging the leak, which requires great care and attention to detail. A shoddy job here can cause you all sorts of headaches, so it’s vital to hire the experts such as our fully-trained technicians here at Plumb Right. It may be that a simple patch can fix the problem, or it may require a bit more work. We’ll be able to determine this right off, so there are no surprises down the road. When you put us on the job, you can be assured that our fix is going to withstand the test of time.And fix any other residential Houston plumbing problem such as AC drainage, gas leaks and anything else that may occur – all guaranteed  learn more about leak detection services  

Keep Tap Water Safe – Water Treatment Products

“Drinking water disinfection is among the most important technological advances of humanity, yet like every major historic development it has a downside. Today, we run the risk of over-ingesting the disinfection chemicals used in public water treatment, along with their dangerous disinfection bi-products. It’s a bummer to know what’s really in our water – everything from naturally occurring radioactive contaminants to anti-depressants. Some toxins, such as chlorine, are relatively easy to filter out. Others, like chloramine, and disinfection biproducts (DBPs) such as chloroform (CHC13), are much slower to dissipate and far more difficult to remove. These are the toxins believed to cause cancer.”

Plumb Right Special Offers

Below you’ll find our latest and greatest coupons and special offers. If you know you’ve got a problem to be fixed or fixtures to be added, keep an eye on this section constantly, as we’re able to offer substantial discounts on a regular basis. plumbing coupons