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Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection /Slab Leak

Plumb Right Plumbing has located thousands of homeowners leaks and we understand how devastating a leak can be to your property causing water damage and costly repairs to your home.. This is where leak detection can be most helpful as the leak detection equipment is specially designed to find a leak anywhere in your property without creating  damage.

Sometimes there will be visible evidence of a water leak such as dampness, water stains and actual water, however in other cases there is no evidence apart from a very high water bill or foundation problems.
Hidden leaks can be difficult to find. At Plumb Right Plumbing our plumbers use specialized leak detection equipment to find your leak causing little or no damage. Our plumbers have  several years experience in finding leaks and use various leak detection methods to accurately locate the leak. So any excavation is to a minimum when the pipes are repaired.

Our Leak Detection Survey includes:
• An experienced qualified plumber
• Latest ‘state of the art’ equipment to accurately locate your leak .
• The appropriate inspection process to locate your leak
• A full written report with recommendations 

Drain Leak Detection & Hydrostatic Testing

If you’re experiencing foundation issues or are undergoing foundation work on your home, we can use hydrostatic testing to determine whether the sewer drain under your slab is damaged and leaking.

First, we locate the sewer clean-out. Once this is located, we take a test ball and plug the line coming out of the house. Next, water is induced into the drain until the water level is at the same level as the slab. If the water level drops, we know a leak under the slab exist.

 Sewer Camera Inspection ,Isolation Leak Detection Test

Plumbing cameras allow our specialist to see where problem areas may be lurking and isolate any leaking drains. Once testing is complete, we’ll have enough information to make a diagram of your drainage system. Then, we can show you first hand where the problems are and give you an accurate estimate for repairs.

Sub-Foundation Tunneling

Broken drain lines under homes can cause foundation damage among other serious problems. To access the affected area, tunnels need to be dug under your home. This requires proper planning and lots of manpower because all work is done by hand with no machines. Before any digging is done, utility lines must be located to prevent their disruption. Tunneling under foundations and replacing plumbing under the slab – and doing so safely and affordably — is what we do best – it is our specialty . Often when replacing plumbing, its necessary to reroute drain lines to minimize costly or large tunnels that could damage your homes foundation. However, it is important to balance the need to cut costs with the need to get it right the first time. Learn more about


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